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Types of Membership


Regular Membership

Our Regular Membership offers the Regular Monthly electronic newsletter, one coupon ticket towards an Annual Event, and  volunteer opportunities. Regular memberships are proactive in that we ask our members to become involved by becoming volunteers for one of our events, held nation-wide.

The Family Membership offers persons of the same household a membership at a flat fee per household. They receive the same benefits as the primary member. Members must be 18 or older to join.

All Regular Members hold a vote within the organization.


Corporate Membership

Our Corporate Membership is open to any professional organization in the community. Membership offers the Monthly electronic Professional Newsletter, which offers in-depth abstracts from all research conducted as it is available, one complimentary ticket to our Annual Golf Fundraiser, fundraising and sponsorship updates and one coupon towards an Annual Event.

Additional Corporate Memberships are open to other professionals working at the same office as the Primary corporate member at a 50% reduced rate per person. Members must be 18 or older to join. They enjoy the same benefits as the primary professional member. Corporate membership receipts are in the name of the Corporation only.

Corporate Members hold a vote within the organization.


Honorary Membership

There exists an Honorary Membership in which a free lifetime membership is granted by the Board to any one person or persons who have elicited extraordinary efforts on behalf of the Society. Rewarded annually.