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Dr. Murakami has successfully treated over one thousand Lyme sufferers from all walks of life and from all over the world. Some of their stories are heart-wrenching as you hear about the varying degrees of suffering and degenerative functions they've endured. Every cloud has a silver lining, and as Dr. Murakami has told many of his patients.. "there is always hope..."

"perhaps the biggest witness for the validity of Dr. Murakami's approach to treating chronic Lyme disease is my own improvement. I am finally signifcantly better after a few weeks of the antibiotic therapy he recommended. Before I started this treatment, I was progressively deteriorating. I was having memory problems, neurologic, musculoskeletal and dermatologic problems, typical of Lyme borreliosis, and had to go on disability and stop working.."

Ihab W, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, 

Oregon Health and Science University

"As of today I have been on antibiotic treatment for a little over six weeks. My mobility is improving; I no longer have to use my forearm crutch to get around my home. Right now I can walk clumsily for 20 minutes on a treadmill holding onto the sides; my form and balance are improving daily. The constant agony in my spine and lower back is gone. I'm no longer choking on food and liquids. My tremor is gone. I am no longer seeing double. I have vastly increased stores of energy. I can think clearly again. My writing has improved. My depression is lifting. I would say that 50% of my health has returned. I am literally coming back to life."

Sheila C

Ft. McMurray, Alberta

"I have been one of the fortunate Canadians to receive long term antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease. After 5 weeks of treatment I could walk again, after 3 months I could engage in discussions, and now after 4 months of treatment I can read the newspaper and write letters such as this one on my good days. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in my quality of life. It means I can now begin to participate in family and community life again. I remain hopeful for continued improvement into the future by taking long-term antibiotics. I fully accept any risks this might involve, especially considering the dramatic reversal of many symptoms"

Kari K, Ph.D, M.A., B.Sc

Assistant Professor of Disability Studies, Ryerson University

Senior Research Assistant, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

(excerpt from letter written to Tony Clement, Canadian Health Minister)

 "There are many of us who have the same tragic story. Doctors have not recognized our symptoms as Lyme, and we have gone on being ill for years until finally discovering the cause of our illness. In my case, I was unable to work outside the home for over eight years. I finally convinced a doctor here in Nova Scotia to send my blood to a lab in the USA that specializes in tick-borne disease. Sure enough, my test came back positive."

Kate D

Halifax, NS

Archive of Testimonials

Here is an archive of just some of the letters received by Dr. Murakami from patients he has treated for Lyme Disease. We have linked to the full story for each patient as we felt the impact would be far greater. There are also letters of support and recognition from fellow colleagues and others.



A, Nicholas Dr 

A, P

A, Patti

A, Sue










B, Diane

B, Larry & Kelly

B, Peter

B, Vickie







C, Danette

C, Pat 

C, Sheila










D, Bonnie

D, Charolettesecond letter

D, Kate

D, Lauraine

D, Mary, second letter, third letter, fourth letter 

D, Ruth

D, Susan RN 
















F, Dina

F, Elaine

F, Jean

F, Katryna 

F, Lisa








G, Brenda

G, Eric, Dr.

G, Ron

G, Wendy

















H, Connie, second letter

H, Edward

H, Henk

H, Janet S

H, Kathryn 

H, Lisa

H, Lynne

H. Naiyer, Dr. 

H, Sherry
































J, Anita

J, Carol

J, Kerry

J, Marjorie, second letter

J, Roselyn

J, Sandi















K, Bernard

K, Jack

K, Jeannie

K, Kari

K, Larry Dr.

K, Lorne

K, Margret Dr. 

K, Rebecca

K, Shirley                            












L, Chantal

L, Jayne

L, Lisa

L, Robin


















M, Danette

M, Diane

M, Jerry

M, Joan

M, Lorne Dr.

M, Maureen, Dr.

M, Nancy

M, Peggy

M, Robert

M, Sydney













O, Susan             










P, Chris

P, Frank

P, Keith

P, Miguel, second letter

P, Shirley


















R, Dianne, MD

R, Eldon

R, Fran

R, G

R, Kathie

R, Kathleen                                






S, Brian

S, Dave

S, Georgina

S, Grant

S, Ron,               S.Ron_secondletter

S, Virginia, Dr.

































X, Y, Z








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