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Lyme Disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in North America (CDC-2006

The rate of increase has been ten-fold annually. Although Dr. Murakami?s doctrine has been based in British Columbia, he has seen patients from all over Canada as well as other areas of the world. They have all come to him with varying degrees of desperation. Some suffering through misdiagnosis an average of 5 years, some up to 23 years, others less. 

The CDC is currently only reporting between 4-6 cases in every province in Canada, yet thousands are appearing in each state right up to the border! The disease incident is higher in the Eastern portion of Canada, however, it has been spreading steadily to the West. 

The disease is spread by birds, rodents and primarily Deer Ticks. The possibility exists that the spread may also be inflicted by mosquitoes, fleas and other biting insects. There unfortunately are no studies being done to confirm, or deny this theory. What is known, however, is that the diseases spread by the multi-organisms that reside within the stomachs of an infected animal or insect, are also coincidentally on the rise. 

The top ten Vector-borne (transmitted by a biting insect) diseases currently are as follows: 


  1. Lyme Disease 
  2. Ehrlichiosis 
  3. Bartonella 
  4. Babesiosis 
  5. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever 
  6. Tularemia 
  7. West Nile Virus 
  8. Colorado Tick Fever 
  9. Brucellosis 
  10.  Tick Paralysis
  11.  Mycoplasma




  REF:      http://geo.arc.nasa.gov/sge/health/sensor/diseases/lyme.html



This map shows the areas in the World that are endemic for Lyme Disease above and below the 49th Parallel. Nearly all of Canada  has been excluded

from infestation.


How can we explain this extraordinary situation? All the borders from Alaska and across the continent of  North America has recorded Lyme disease serologically positive from World Health Authorities.


Can we accept this obvious impossiblity and continue to have patients suffer silently in wheel chairs,nursing homes  and under the guise of another



One could easily surmise that the lack of inclusion is simply an indication of Canada's lack of proper surveillance.


An explanation is in order.


Dr. E. Murakami



Other Risk Maps for Further Information



From the US CDC data, 2002






New graph put out by the US CDC in 2008.





Small print at bottom of this map says to realistically increase the shown numbers by 10%!





CMA Journal from 2006 showing the difference between scapularis and pacificus infections in Canada.






Minnesota showing extremely high infections, yet in Manitoba, right across the border, only a handful of cases reported.




Map showing the spread of Deer Mice across North America. Deer mice are the primary hosts of ticks on our continent.