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Please fill out this form* and fax back to us at the number below.

*This form must be filled out PRIOR to any phone calls with Dr. Murakami regarding possible Lyme infection. It takes up approximately 1 hour of Dr. Murakami's time to take this information from patients over the phone. This extrapolates to a huge amount of time with people on the phone when he averages 40 new calls per day. By having you fill this form prior, it is hoped that this will help alleviate the amount of time spent on the phone.

When the form is complete, please FAX it back to the office at the number below. It will then be reviewed and Dr. Murakami will call you, in priority received sequence as soon as he can.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated in this matter.



General Contact Information:


Fax Number:                            1-866-259-2320 (toll free anywhere in North America)

Email Inquiries:                          mailto:[email protected]